April 5th, 2007

An out middle-schooler, too much hot air, some recognition, and a dream sorta girl...

Save the children. A seventh grader comes out. And the reaction is: as it should be; world without end, amen.

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I had my practice defense presentation tonight, and I was totally caught off guard, and not a little stressed out, when I finished, looked at Jason, and said, "How long?"

"23 minutes," he replied. Arrrrggghhhh!

We absolutely cannot go over 20 minutes for this presentation, and that was my longest time yet.

The very first time I rehearsed it, I did it in 20:23 seconds according to the PowerPoint Slide Show Rehearsal Timer. The second time I tried to do it just a little bit faster, but again, went just slightly over. The third time I rehearsed it, I got it down to 19:50.

That was still a little "tight," but I thought it was manageable. Hence, the shock and disappointment at 23+ minutes. Grrrrrr!

I got some good feedback from Jason afterwards, and several people in the class used the feedback sheets I provided to provide comments as well.

I'd rather have the problem of having to cut, than have to think up more things to include to make it longer, so that's the silver lining I supposed.

Kim did her practice run after me, and did just amazingly for "not being prepared." She's such a natural public speaker—it's one of the very first things I thought about her when I first met her. I really admire people for whom that comes easily or naturally. It definitely doesn't for me.

After class, we had our end-of-the-year STC Election of Officers & Recognition event at Mitch's. It was lightly attended, but a good group of folks.

Milton (a.k.a. Josh Groban's lookalike) received the Volunteer-of-the-Year award, and I received the President's Award, which consisted of a gift certificate from my favorite restaurant in Raleigh—Irregardless. Yay!

Election ballots were distributed and collected, and we had candidates for every position except Treasurer. We do have a "Plan B," on that, though, as Christin has applied for the PhD program, and if she gets accepted, she will be the Treasurer. (You have to be a student, of course, to be in the STC Student Community.)

Each of us ran "unopposed," so unless there is a huge write-in campaign, I will be the President of the community for the coming year. Since, I'm graduating in December, we're having a "Co-President" this year, who will move into the Presidency in January.

As the President-Elect, I should be receiving a scholarship to attend the STC National Conference in Minneapolis in May. Yay!

I went to Trailer Park Prize Night tonight, and it was jam-packed in there. Homos home for the holidays, perhaps.

Mary K. Mart hosted, which always kicks it up a notch, with two other drag queens performing. One was Savannah Beaumont, who used to perform there years ago, and was back for a guest appearance. The other one was a black chick who did two songs from Dream Girls and brought the house down.