April 4th, 2007

Baby Swiss; an affirmation; and defending, prepping, and dancing...

I'll give you a topic. Baby Swiss Cheese. It's neither infant-acting nor younger-looking. Discuss.

So what puts the "baby" in Baby Swiss Cheese? Don't answer that! Just think about it. And once you have...

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An e-mail affirmation received as a result of my phone call with my friend Irene last night:

My Sweet Precious Darling Friend,

I thank you for being "all that".....and then some!!

I have known that which was most important to me all of my life and I realized the accomplishment of a primary life goal in the establishment of my home. Talking to you helped me see that the legacy that I leave will not be in these "bricks and mortar," but rather in the lives of my children, in whom I already see the makings of marvelous and contributing members of any community, and wonderfully giving partners and parents in their own lives.

Thank you for listening... now and as this story that is "my life" continues to unfold. I know that the best is yet to come, but as you well imagine, I like to plan—the future is uncertain and then, so am I!

I love you more than you know!


I worked a lot on my ENG 675 defense presentation today, and I think I have it pretty much in its final form. Tomorrow, first thing, I must begin the memorization process.

I did a couple hours of Service-Learning work this afternoon—preparing a prep sheet for Patti to use at an upcoming meeting.

Dancing was extra fun tonight. I drank a little more than usual—don't know if there is a direct correlation there or not. Ya think?

Carl taught the Two-Step, and then later, the Barn Dance—both good prep for the upcoming hoedown in Charlotte.

Before leaving, I emoted to Harper Valley, PTA, followed by Alan starring in I Got A Feeling.