March 22nd, 2007

All work, a scheduling snafu, and quasi entertainment...

Just checked "snafu" to make sure I had spelled it correctly, and was surprised to read the first definition:

noun: an acronym often used by soldiers in World War II: situation normal all fucked up

Who knew?

I worked in the office today, and had a full day.

I left RTP at just before 7:00 wanting to grab something quick to eat before class, which was a little ambitious as class started at 7:30.

I stopped by Whole Foods on Wade Avenue, and ended up getting some delicious chopped barbecue off the hot bar, and some coleslaw from their deli. I woofed it down at a table in the eating section there.

I got a park right in front of Winston at 7:27, rushed inside, over to Tompkins, downstairs to G123, and whipped around the corner to a dark, empty classroom. We didn't have class tonight.

At home, I worked on Draft 2 of my ENG 675 project document, which was due by midnight tonight.

At midnight, I hit the send button, and headed down to Flex to meet Joe for Trailer Park Prize Night.

Mary K. Mart hosted, which is often its only saving grace. Tonight was no exception.

Joe and I resisted the urge to visit Liz ( i.e., eat ), and called it a night well before the show ended.