March 21st, 2007

Homework and dancing...

I worked all day today on my ENG 675 project document—partly at home and partly at my IBM office.

I left RTP at 7:00 and met Robert at the Wendy's at Western & Gorman, where we had dinner. I had the Chicken Caesar Salad, which I'd never had before, and found to be pretty tasty—and that was even without the garlic croutons that come with it.

I checked in with my neighbor regarding the homeowner's meeting tonight for which I had signed over my proxy. She caught me up on the poop.

Dancing was fun enough tonight—good exercise, and we learned a new dance called the Carolina Stomp. Carl is teaching us dances he's heard they'll be doing at the hoedown next month so we can maximize our dancing time.

I have to catch up my blog entries for the rest of my weekend in Dallas, which I won't realistically get to until tomorrow, as I have a midnight deadline tonight for the aforementioned project document. I've taken some notes to help remind me of what I want to cover in them, though.