February 5th, 2007

You have the right to remain silent...

Sometimes real life gets in the way...

Oh, You Were Planning a Non-Virtual Relationship?

Guy #1: That girl at the party, Kyra—she was hot.
Guy #2: I thought so, too, but then I saw her MySpace photos, and she didn't look that good. I'll send you a link to them.
Guy #1: Uh... Dude, I saw her in real life. Who cares what her MySpace photos looked like?

--Manhattan-bound F train

via Overheard in New York, Feb 4, 2007

The only thing worse than a mixed metaphor is a mixed metaphor that doesn't work.

Bear: For the Last Time, I Am Not Catholic!

Guy #1: Is this the place?
Guy #2: Yeah, man. Does the pope shit in the woods?
Guy #1: No, dude. He doesn't.

--7th St & Ave A

via Overheard in New York, Feb 4, 2007

What's a Collapse ) anyway? Why to grow daffodils and dandelions in, of course. Another limited engagement folks. [Sorry, Myra.]

The Grammar Girl podcast that I listened to yesterday included information about a new qdnow podcast called, Legal Lad. Now, I don't know about you, but I don't know anyone who wouldn't appreciate some free legal advice.

I listened to the first (and only, so far) episode, and already I have learned some invaluable information. The episode is called, "You have the right to remain silent..." and you will be thanking me the next time you get stopped by a cop, if you take a quick moment to read the transcript of it behind the cut.

Collapse )

I spent six hours at Helios today updating my research paper from last semester's ENG 525 Variety in Language class.

I am trying to get this paper to a place in which:
  1. It is publishable, and
  2. I can share it with others doing research in the same area.
I worked on this for a day or so a while ago, and thought I was much closer to it being where it needs to be than it is. Grrrrrrrr!

Joe called at about 10:00, and we drove over to Flex to play a few games of pool. We thought for sure, that since it was Monday night, which is typically dead there, we'd be "left alone" to play. Not so.

We went over to CCs, where it was Open Mic night, and the Price & Rice show was on. Kurt was up there singing with them when we arrived.

It turned out that Monday is "free pool" night there, so we played a couple of games of pool. In peace.

CCs closed at about 12:30—kicked us out of there, actually. We stopped by The Borough, where we were waited on by Schmitty and Marti. Schmitty is a Lesbian. Marti isn't.

I got Marti to go into the men's room with me, armed with a red marker, to add that apostrophe to "employee's," and much to our collective horror, we found the sign completely gone. Some deranged editor probably went out of his mind.

I asked her to check the women's bathroom, in which Liz had told me the word "toilet" is spelled wrong on that sign. Sure enough, it was. The apostrophe was in "employee's," though. Toilet was spelled "toliot." As in Romeo and Toliot, I guess.