January 31st, 2007

Making someone's day, an über-productive day for me, and dancing...

I had this e-mail from Sarah this morning:

Just a quick note to let you know that your email made my morning. As I am slogging through emails, yours was a lovely way to start my work day.

I had an über-productive day, considering I didn't "work" today.

I got a lot of STC to-do items checked off:
  • I sent a note to the dean of CHASS with a copy of our newsletter attached.
  • I sent a note to the newsletter editor of the STC Carolina Community with a copy of our newsletter attached.
  • I nudged Myra for newsletter-related receipts that she needs to submit to STC for reimbursement.
  • I formatted the minutes of our 01/09/07 STC Board Meeting @ Helios, and FTPed them to the STC web page server space.
  • I sent an e-mail to Jenn telling her that the file was now available to add to the minutes page.
  • I did a little research on "technical communication skills," updated my membership directory survey to quasi-address skills, and fired an e-mail off to Kim and Sarah about a final review of the survey.
Other accomplishments included:
  • Confirming my 1:00 call on Thursday with Dr. Covington.
  • Sending job openings to E-Ching.
  • Devising Tuesday's blog entry.

I got to dancing at about 5 'till 9, and for once there was already a good number of dancers there: Carl, Bill, Rick, Sean, and Todd. Shortly thereafter, Geromy, Michael, Stephen, and Ernie arrived, so we had a good crowd. The non-dancing crowd was thin, though.

We learned a new, somewhat difficult, dance, which totally broke down when we put the music on, mostly because it is somewhat of a difficult dance, and the music that goes with it is quite fast.

We're going to review it again next week, and Carl is going to try to find a song that is a little bit slower for us to use the first few times we try it to the music again.