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January 22nd, 2007

It's My Turn to Follow Her Today

Girl #1: Hey, remember that time you got laser hair removal for your lip?

Girl #2: Stacy! Stop talking, there are people around!

Girl #1: Oh, right, as though you will ever see any of these people again.

Random Guy: Actually, I'm in her Computer Science class.

—A train

I was up at 9 this morning, handled some S-L mail, and created me a "local home page" for my initial browser page, because there was just a thread on a discussion forum I follow about how your browser loads faster if it's pointing to a local file instead of to something on the Internet like wral.com, which is the page I used to open to.

Click here to see what my local home page looks like.Collapse )

I made a few more tweaks to the prototype of my ENG 675 Web site, including some JavaScript to add rotating pictures to a couple of screens. Coolness.

After that, I worked on customizing my design document, in order to run it by Dr. Dicks today at my 4:30 meeting with him.

My meeting with Stan went well, he was excited about the work of his that this portal is going to automate, and he closed with me on the format of my deliverable—the design document. Now to meet with David on it.

Tonight's social hour at Mitch's with Dr. Lynne Cooke was the last with the three candidates vying for a position opening in the English department.

Impressions of Dr. Cooke behind the cut.Collapse )

I met with Jason about my proposal. I showed him my prototype, and then we talked about his 8 feedback points on draft one of my proposal.

I met Joe at Two Guys for dinner, after which we went to Flex for $1.25 cocktails night. We played five or six games of pool, and then went over to CCs, where it was open mic night.

Two guys (not the same two whose place we ate dinner at) were on stage—one playing guitar and one singing, and we proceeded to carouse with Lenny (from the ride), who was the third member of the audience, and a fourth person, named Phillip who thought that the singer was his soul mate. The singer seemed to be totally unaware of his role in Phillip's universe, however.

Joe tied one on, and I ended up taking him to my place, where he spent the night sleeping fully dressed on the bed in my guest bedroom.



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