January 20th, 2007

ENG 675 project progress and dancing...

Are You Kidding? This Is Stand-Up Comedy Gold!

Lesbian: So, I wanted to get my hair cut really short, y'know? And, like, dyed red. But my mom was like, "No, you're too fat to be an Asian man."

Asian Man: That sucks.

—A train

I spent the entire day today doing a mock-up of my Web site for my ENG 675 class.  I'm pretty pleased with it so far.

I got to Flex for dancing at about 8:30, and it was dead in there.

Jim was there, so we played a couple of games of pool, and then Chris (zinnian) arrived, and little bit later the rest of the gang, which consisted of Carl, Bill, Michael, and Geromy. Stephen arrived later with his beau, Jamie, in tow.

Even though it was still pretty dead in there, I mean not one of the rugby boys had even arrived yet, Brigner stopped the dancing just after 10:30.

Chris' new beau, Bryan, arrived and the three of us did some Jello shots, while I played some more games of pool with Chris and Jim. This dork named Charles was there, but fortunately I didn't have to play him, as I lost to Jim. He was definitely one of those people whose self-worth is evidently tied to whether or not he wins a game of pool.

All in all, it was a festive night, but not crazy.