January 9th, 2007

Overheards, eat me for dinner, Grammar Girl, STC board meeting...

These crack me up:


Old lady: Do you have gift cards here?

Employee: Yes, we do.

Old lady: Can I get one for Best Buy?

—Barnes & Noble, Whitestone, Queens

Teen girl #1: He broke up with me on Facebook!

Teen girl #2: Like, on your wall?

Teen girl #1: No, he just changed his status back to 'Single'!

—Metro North terminal, Grand Central

Professor: I've heard from students that have taken my exams that they're generally considered thinking exams. Rather than just have you recite the law, I try to throw questions in there that will make you examine the policies behind it... Yes?

Law student: What would you say the ratio of thinking questions to normal questions is going to be?

Professor: Hmmm... Really, I don't know if I can answer that. I mean, what to one person would be a thinking-type question, to another might not be, you know?

[Same student raises hand again.]

Professor: Usually I'm reluctant to let a person who asks a question like that ask another question, so let me ask you first—how many of your questions are thinking-type questions?

—Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law

I got the following e-mail from Myra, which was an affirmation, while cracking me up at the same time:

Hi John,

You've been dubbed a desirable dinner guest (not in a cannabalistic way
either). Sarah is hosting a welcome dinner for Dani on Saturday, Jan.
20th - time to be determined. You are invited if you'd like to come.
Just let me know.


I went into the office today, and missed the rush hour traffic. Amen.

I listened in on an hour-long IBM Editors Meeting, which was fairly worthwhile. They reviewed 2006 accomplishments, and proposed 2007 goals.

After the meeting I forwarded my article, "Podcasting—entercation or edutainment," to those who attended.

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I began my edit of Shruti's ITIM Lotus Notes Adapter Users Guide, and it's going to be slow-going. Dolores was in tune with my workload, and pro-actively canceled our 1-on-1 for today. I appreciated that!

We had our STC Board meeting tonight at Helios @ 7:00. Only Sarah, Jenn C., Kim, and I were present. It was a productive meeting.

I hung out at Helios until they closed, where I had dinner, edited Kim's pamphlet, and caught up this blog.

I also updated the newsletter with date changes we decided upon during our meeting.