January 2nd, 2007

That wistful black color, an accomplished first workday of 2007, and scareyoke...

A friend of mine found these pics in a box that had still been packed up in his garage since his move. These are from around 1994, when I was about 37 years old.

And my close up, Mr. DeMille.

Lord, to have that jet black color back again!  But I digress wistfully...

I worked from home today, and got quite a bit accomplished, including:
  • An e-mail to Helen M. about the TSIB database ownership issue

  • An e-mail to asset management, yet again, about my returned PC

  • An instant message conversation with Joe F. about Shruti's document, which I'm editing on Thursday

  • An instant message conversation with Brad S. about a request: "RFSL is the national GLBT organization in Sweden - they are running a national program called Fritt Fram. It's a public gay/lesbian inclusion program funded by their government. They would like to modify your Will & Ned concept to fit a Swedish context and translate to Swedish. They would attribute to you and IBM. I think they will also be adding it to the military training piece. I was in Stockholm meeting with their armed forces command and they really liked it as a training tool. (And yes - all armed forces personnel in Sweden do get mandatory gay/lesbian sensitivity training.)" Woohoo!

  • Started, and completed, the edit of Mary's Problem Determination Guide. Another woohoo!

I met Joe, Kevin (av8rdude), and Kurt out for Scareyoke at Flex.

Joe and I played several games of pool. I won all but one of them.

We left at about 1:00. Joe wanted to stop at Dawn's, but I wasn't in the mood for Chinese, so we didn't.