January 1st, 2007

Home sweet home, a solid year of blogging (again), and surviving on 4-day weekends...

We checked out of the hotel and were on the road by about 10:30.

The traffic situation coming home was 100% better than going down. Thank goodness.

By the time we reached Charlotte, or just past, we were all so ready to be home. The road trip to Atlanta is just a little too long.

I just spent a relaxing first evening of the year at home.

I love looking at this 2006 view, and seeing 365 entries!

Oh my, it's the same with this 2005 view.  :-)

I missed the first twelve days in 2004.

I missed 52 days in 2003.

All in all, pretty comprehensive documentation of my life over the last four years.

I got my year-end pay statement, and noticed that I painlessly survived living 2006 on 60% of the income I made in 2005. A definite worthwhile trade-off to working only two days a week since the beginning of May.