December 17th, 2006

A completed edit job, broken scareyoke, and writhing Tina fans... OH MY!

I continued my editing of Mary's Users Guide at about noon, and finally finished at 9PM. What a bitch! The edit job, not Mary.

I drove out to IBM, where I scanned my marked up document into a PDF sent directly to my e-mail. I saved the attachment, and then attached it to an e-mail I sent to Mary with overall comments about my marked up items. I'm so glad to be done with that edit, and do feel quite good about it, in spite of the inordinate amount of time it took to complete.

I ran the Terminology Extraction tool against the Getting Started Guide and the Problem Determination Guide, which are the next two books I'll be editing over the next few days, printed the output, and left the office at about 11:15.

I stopped by Flex for Scareyoke, where I found Gary and Kevin tinkering with the fuse box up in the wall by the ceiling trying to get the karaoke machine to work. Evidently they had been working on it since 10:00 — to no avail.

Kevin, with his signature "cigarette in his hand resting on top of the microphone while he's singing Karaoke," instead had it in his mouth with his head practically in the fuse box. Would have given a whole new meaning to the phrase, "It went right up in smoke."

The natives (i.e., the "regular" karaoke singers) were getting a little restless, and at about 11:45, Gary just packed up all of the karaoke equipment, and put it in the back. No announcement, no nothing. Then they put on the Madonna videos they were playing last night. I had an urge to call Mary and Phyl to let them know.

Since karaoke obviously wasn't going to happen, I went over to Legends, where I ran into Shawn and Josh, said hello, and then watched the show, which was, again, surprisingly good.

There was a guest, black, drag queen from South Carolina there (not one of the same ones from a few weeks ago), but she, too, did Tina Turner — a medley of her songs, and the crowd went just plain bonkers. I thought one or two of the queens were going to actually convulse on the floor in front of her.

I just love my people — the phrase which just reminds me of one of my all-time favorite drag queen names, "Freida Peoples."  But I digress...