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December 11th, 2006

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I ran to the credit union and Wachovia this morning to transfer some funds.

I spent the entire day studying for my final exam in the class from hell.

I got to class about 20 minutes before the hour, and instead of being absolutely freezing in there tonight, it smelled like burnt oil. Probably from working on the heater.

On the hour, the prof handed out the exam, which consisted of 8 essay questions — from which we had to choose 5 to answer.

As we started, he passed back our final papers, mine being on Data Collection: Contribution to the Sociolinguistically Perplexing Phenomenon of “Sounding Gay.” I put it aside without looking at the grade, so as not to be pissed off to distraction during the exam if it wasn't what I wanted it to be.

I answered the first five questions, as I felt pretty good about knowing enough about them to "pass." One of the other three, I felt like I could have done a decent job with, but the other two were, well, questionable questions.

We had the full 2 hours, 45 minutes of class to complete the exam; I finished in two hours — right at 8:00. I debated as to whether I wanted to look at my final paper grade while I could still register disgust in front of my professor if it wasn't at least some kind of an A grade.

It was an A, which is good, since it's 40% of my grade.

Once out of the classroom, and into the hall, I resisted the strong desire to jump up in the air, throw my feet to the sides, and touch my heels together, mostly because I know how gravity works.

I stopped by Helios afterwards, and just chilled.

I stopped at the Harris Teeter in Cameron Village on the way home, where I saved $14.00 on a $44.00 order.

Once home, I boiled 3 chicken breasts, hard-boiled 2 eggs, diced a half a red pepper, chopped 3 stalks of celery, diced 3 slices of onions, and diced 2 sweet gherkins. I mixed all that together, along with some carrots I had already shredded, a little bit of minced garlic, a skosh of mustard, and a couple dollops of mayonnaise to make a killer chicken salad.



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