December 9th, 2006

Robert gets a car, a bite and goodbye at Helios, and dancing...

We spent the majority of the afternoon at CarMax, where Robert purchased a car! After test driving a Ford Ranger and a RAV4, he settled on a Nissan Altima — a 2000 with less than 37,000 miles on it. Yay!

We met Kevin (av8rdude) at Helios at about 5:45, where we spent about an hour, having dinner, surfing the Web, and socializing. Kevin's off on a two-week international business trip — to Switzerland, I believe it is.

Dancing was fun tonight, although we didn't have a lot of dancers, we had "enough." It really never got that crowded in there, but Brigner stopped the dancing earlier than he should/could have, IMHO.

We stayed just a little while after dancing ended, I took Robert to my place, and I met Joe at CCs.

We spent a little time in the piano lounge where Greg was singing, and a guest pianist performed in Kevin's place.

Joe and I ended up at the IHOP at about 2:00, where I transferred my Ham & Cheese Omelet directly to a to-go box, and ate the three pancakes that came as a "side" with it.