October 15th, 2006

A lot of John's, Panera's with Joe, PhD program presentation, preparation, and clubbing...

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I snuck downstairs at 6:40 and made Robert an egg and cheese sandwich on some Portuguese sweet bread, wrapped it in wax paper, put it in a brown paper lunch bag, set it on the floor in front of the door, turned the light on in the entrance to make sure he didn't step on it, and crawled back in bed.

I was rewarded with a trip back upstairs to thank me, and a goodbye kiss. Awww, hun.

At noon, I met Joe at Panera Bread in Cary, where we spent a couple of hours. I worked the whole time on creating the presentation for the PhD Panel Discussion Program we're going to put on in November.

I went to Helios at about 6:30. Kevin (av8rdude) joined me at around 7:45. Joe arrived at about 8:40. We shared an order of cheese quesadillas.

Joe and I went to Flex at about 9:30. Kevin joined us later after finishing a grad school paper that was due at midnight. We tromped over to Legends at around showtime.

Raven Simone (aka., "Hank") did a forward flip on stage. 'Nuff said.