October 8th, 2006

ChatFolk, STC Benefit Rock Show, and homework...

What is ChatFolk?

ChatFolk is an AJAX powered website where you can communicate anonymously. No screen names are used, so you can say whatever you want without fear of identification or labeling from one statement to the next.

Are the people on there chatting right now?

For the most part, yes. If there is a lull in the conversation for more than 30 seconds, ChatFolk starts sending previously made comments, chosen at random from a week’s worth of stored comments. This lull virtually never happens anymore (thanks to Digg and Stumbleupon), so yes, the comments you see are in all likelihood live. Don’t believe it? Ask someone to say something specific.

Interesting concept. And it looks like people are "talking" in the dark. Put your cursor in the black area and just start typing.

Continued work on my presentation, The Coordination of Everyday Life, pretty much all day.

Well, up until 3:45, when I left for the Benefit Rock Show @ The Brewery from 4:00 - 7:30.

Our benefit was originally to feature 6 bands, but late yesterday one "called in sick" with the flu. Two of the five bands tonight were rap bands, and I, surprisingly, really enjoyed them.

Milton's band, Sons of Gondor rocked.

I almost got killed by the contestant blindly swinging at the penis piñata. Stuffed with candy and condoms. Would have been an ironic way for a gay guy to go:

On the way home, I stopped at Burger King, where I was served by tonight's shift members: Shaquona, Dartrell, and Tyrone.

Shaquona and Dartrell were assigned to sweep the floors, wipe down the coolers, and mop in the dining room — all by 3:00AM. Tyrone was in charge of trash, and cleaning and wiping tables.

I'm not so sure that the customers going through the drive-thru need to know all that.

Once home, I finished my presentation, and e-mailed it to the other person presenting with me on Wednesday, as we had agreed in last class.