September 27th, 2006

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A bad band director, a bad class, and a bad night of dancing. Other than that it was a great day...

September 26,2006

Child abuse

Don Earl Oakes, 66, of Fishing Creek Lane in Hubert, was charged Monday by the Onslow County Sheriff’s Department with felony child abuse sexual act, sex offense in a parental roles, indecent liberties with a child and crime against nature.

According to warrants, Oakes is accused of committing sexual acts with a minor.

Bond was set at $100,000.

Sad to say that the man in this article is the very yellow-circled man in the picture above — circa 1975. Yes, that's me "leading the band." Mr. Oakes was our band director.

He was arrested several years ago for a like charge, but was acquitted, I believe. He had a very, very vicious wife, and the rumor was that she'd "set him up" in that case, trying to get a more lucrative divorce settlement.

I guess I wanted to believe that, because he was a good teacher, and neither I, nor any of my fellow classmates in the band the years we had him, were ever "victims of" or "witnesses to" any improprieties of his — at least as much as we all discussed it at the time of his last arrest. Of course, we were all high school kids. This article doesn't divulge, but perhaps his "preference" is for much younger children.

I'm not sure what this "sex offense in a parental roles," business means — to me, it sounds like bad grammar, but that's about it. A google search comes up with a couple more instance of it, which doesn't shed any light on the term.

Class pretty much sucked today. This professor can be excruciating at times, too. She has a habit of saying, "I want you to cover a, b, c, d, e, f, g and under point h, cover sub-points i, j, k, and l, and I want it in a half page — two paragraphs maximum."

This is the same experience I had with her in the class I took with her last semester. And it's not just me that finds this exasperating. I've heard many of the students say, "Huh? Are you kidding? Cover all that, in two paragraphs?"

She defends it with, "It's all about being concise." The result being you either get dinged for it being too long, or it not covering all of the points. Frustrating.

My project partner didn't have anything prepared for our "proposals for final project," which was due today, nor had he seen an e-mail I sent to him about it about a week ago. Fortunately, he's quite brilliant and articulate, and we were able to ad-lib our way through when it was our time to talk. Not my preferred operating style. I am an ESFJ.

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I wasn't into dancing tonight. We reviewed the dance Swamp Thing, which I still don't have, but made progress with tonight — in spite of "not being into it."