September 9th, 2006

Atlantic Stampede 2006, Day 2

Robert got up at 8:30, and went and moved my car into a parking garage close by.

We had breakfast in the room, consisting of coffee, "toast" (microwaved bread), and some deliciously ripe cantaloupe.

We also split a slice of banana bread that Robert had picked up while moving my car. It tasted more like some kind of spice bread than banana bread to me.

Some time between 11 and 11:30, we left the hotel, and walked to the Metro stop at Union Station, where we caught the red line to its end — at the Shady Grove stop.

There, on the "Kiss & Ride" side, we caught the Rodeo Shuttle Bus to the Montgomery Country Fairgounds.

For the about the first 5 or so minutes of the ride, we had to listen to the bus driver on a cell phone call — as he had it on speaker phone as he held it near his mouth. It really amazes me how people can talk about nothin' for so long.

The rodeo "food booth" had been reduced in size, probably in half, meaning the selection was much less varied, and the line was long, long, long. At least it wasn't outrageously priced.

The sinks were way too far from the port-a-johns, which themselves, sat in the sun. Not a pleasant ambiance when the door was closed for more than 30 seconds.

We watched one rodeo event, which was either steer riding or bull riding, but either way was totally anticlimactic.

After waiting between 5 and 10 minutes for each rider, and we saw three of them, come slamming out of the chute on a bull, not one of them staying on for more than 3 seconds, literally.

I mean, don't you people practice?

Mostly at the rodeo, we did what we go to the entire event for anyway, which is to dance. They set up a portable dance floor on the grounds, and have a DJ to play two-stepping and line-dancing songs.

When we first got to the dance floor, the song for the La Mucara Walk was on, and as I ran out to the floor to join in, I saw Carl and Bill, who were out there doing it already. Cool.

They had a "live entertainment" segment at around 2:45, which was pretty much a disaster. This gay country singer did (tried to do) an "unplugged" set. Bad part was, well that "plug" part would be the part that lets your voice and guitar get amplified so people can hear you. But I digress...

Robert and I left the fairgrounds at about 4:00, grabbed a couple of wraps while at the food court area of the Union Station Metro stop, to eat for dinner later in the room.

Back at the room, I intended to start reading some of my many, many readings for next week's classes. Instead I read the back of my eyelids.

At 7:30, we ate our wraps, and headed downstairs at just after 9:00 for the Harvest Moon Ball, again in the hotel's grand ballroom.

We missed the first set of line dances last night, which (I later learned) contained Dizzy, one of my favorite dances, so I wanted to be sure to be down there for the first set tonight.

Turns out the first set of line dances didn't happen until about 9:35, but it was the mother lode with me knowing all three of the dances in the set — the Canadian Stomp, Dizzy, and Walk the Line. Yay!

It was a fun night of dancing, eventually hooking up with Carl and Bill, and meeting Bill's two friends (whom he and Carl were staying with) Tom and Ray. Then Tony arrived, Gabe was back, Gerald and Rick were back, and by night's end Joe Judge had joined us.

During the second round of "entertainment," Carl, Bill, and Tony joined Robert and me up in our room for a few cocktails. Carl, Robert, and I did blowjobs (the drink, sillies) and Bill had a beer. Tony was drinking water by this point.

I had a wonderful waltz with Robert, a nice shadow dance with Gerald, and a ridiculously speedy two-step with Joe near the very end of the evening.

I really had a great time. This year was more fun than last year to me. Here are some pictures:

Carl (in the center in the black tank top) and I "going to town" on this dance.

Gary (from Charlotte) and Robert

Carl, Robert, Me, and Bill

One of these guys is not a real cowboy. Can you spot the impostor?