August 1st, 2006

Work, book club, and a meeting with pictures...

I went into the office today, and early enough to beat the traffic. Yay.

I listened in on a conference call with four other people — Jana, in Raleigh, but in a different building than mine; David and Claire in the UK; and Ann in Rome, Italy. The meeting was from 9-10 our time, 2-3 for David and Claire, and 3-4 for Ann.

This was an "Editing for Quality" meeting, which involves a training program where you first have to listen in on an edit, then practice in a subsequent edit, and then hold your own edit.

For Claire and me, it was our first meeting, so we just listened and learned this time.

I was the first one to book club, and took our "regular" table, and there was a girl sitting at the table next to ours with a book — and she was reading it.

When Janet got there, I said, indicating the show-off: "Look at her. She's trying to make us look bad. Let's kill her."

Suzanne and Sharon arrived shortly after that, and all told, two copies of Memoirs of a Geisha were present. Sharon has finished the book — and passed Janet's copy of the book, which she had borrowed, to Suzanne. I had E-Ching's copy with me.

I picked it up, and nonchalantly faced it toward that woman so that she could see that we read, too. [Hmmm. A little defensive, aren't we???]

Suzanne and I had birthday cards for Sharon, as her birthday was Sunday, and I'd brought one of those "chocolate chip cookie 'cakes,'" which turned out to be delicious — not at all dry, and doughy instead of crispy. Yum!

Before leaving, we agreed on a date for our next MSBC Night Out, which is going to be on August 26th, at Suzanne's house.

Kevin (zy1125) stopped by my office in the afternoon to reimburse me for his family's breakfast a couple of Saturdays ago.

I revealed to him the name of my book, which had just occurred to me within the last hour, and I like it infinitely better than the other two I had been considering.

Today, I installed the Professional Version of Adobe, which allows me to use the markup feature (for editing and document reviews), and edit PDFs.

I tried to install the IBM Eclipse Help System, but was unsuccessful today. What I finally figured out, or decided at least, was that the hosting website was down. I will try it again on Thursday to make sure that's what it was.

We had our STC Officers Meeting at Helios, where we nailed down a lot of things on our activities calendar for the upcoming year, and Mark (from Myra's office) came and took our pictures for the "Meet the 2006-2007 Officers" article in my first edition of the newsletter.

Here are the ones I have to choose from:

Picture #1

Picture #2

Picture #3

Picture #4

I have already ruled this last one out, as it brings back too many painful memories of my twin, from whom I was separated at birth.

I have already pretty much decided on which one I'm going to use, but what do you think? [If you want to vote, but aren't a LiveJournal member, feel free to use the comment function (i.e., the Thoughts? link) to vote.]

Which picture should I use in the newsletter?

Picture #1
Picture #2
Picture #3
Picture #4
Use the Sharpei; the resemblance is uncanny.