July 31st, 2006

A big, big baggie purchase...

While going through my 2004 blog entries today, I noticed this in the August 16th entry:

I left work at about 4:00. I stopped by Sam's and bought Tootsie Rolls and Twizzlers for our office. The Fireballs finally ran out. While there, I also bought a bag of chips, a box (of what seems like a lifetime supply) of sandwich size baggies, and some chocolate covered raisins to keep at home.

I am still using those baggies. It was a four-pack of I don't know how many in each box, and I think I'm halfway through the second box, and it's coming up on two years to the day that I made that purchase.

Who says blogging isn't valuable? How else would I know that I made a projected 8-year purchase of baggies?

The ongoing work on my book continues to be my focus, and the highlight of my days.