July 28th, 2006

Quit bugging me, newsletter work, Clark dining hall, a little writing, and some pool...

The exterminator thing finally went down, with him arriving, much to my pleasure, at the front end of the 12 - 2 time slot rather than the back end. By 1:00, I was on the road to NCSU.

I got a free parking spot on Pullen Road, and spent 3.5 hours working on the STC newsletter. It's pretty much done now, in terms of content — just some formatting items left to do, and squeezing in filler ads, blurbs, or graphics — between now and next Friday.

I plan to finalize it next Wednesday, as I'll get final details on some items at our board meeting on Tuesday night.

I found a little gem of an eating establishment — Clark Dining Hall, which is in the building adjacent to the one in which I work on the newsletter. 

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For lunch, it's $6.00, and it's an all-you-can-eat buffet. Dinner is $6.50. I checked it out tonight, and you certainly can't beat it in terms of price.

I suspect there's a cheer leading camp going on at State this week, because the place was teeming with pubescent girls in various t-shirt and uniforms with things like, "Raider Spirit. [front] Is it in you?" [back], "Northern Tigers," and one group's outfit with a cheerleader holding a megaphone to her mouth, under which it said, "Yeah, it's a hobby," on one line, and a second line that said, "Just like breathing."

I was thinking that this whole scene would have been a straight guy's dream. Some of these "girls" had pretty big bazumbas.

Five girls from one "squad" sat at a table-for-four next to me, and when the last one sat down to no room, she said, "We should, like, get rid of our trays."

I thought, "You, like, do that."

Two of the four girls' parents had paid for a $6.50 buffet for their daughters to eat as their sole food item — a plate full of French fries.

I stopped by Helios to work on my book for a while.

After about an hour or so, Glenn and Eric (innoman) came in, and joined me for a while.

They ate, and I tried to work between chatting, but wasn't too successful.

Shortly after they arrived, Joe called, and he came down and joined me.

We hung out until around 10:00, and then headed over to Flex, where it was surprisingly after last night, not crowded.

We played a few games of free pool, and the crowd eventually picked up.

Near the end of the evening, this totally shit-faced youngster of 19, Jamie, who I'd met before through innoman, started a pool game by himself, and slurred, "You wanna play?"

He was drunk enough that, on several of his shots, the cue stick slipped up and completely missed the ball. Needless to say, I beat him.

I left Joe talking to a guy named Royce, or I suppose, it could be Roice.

All I know was that when Joe introduced him I first thought he said, "Rice," and Joe said, "No, Royce."

"Oh," I said, as in 'Rolls,' not as in 'Uncle Ben.'"

"Yes," Joe said a little emphatically.