June 13th, 2006

STC Board Meeting...

Drag Names (cont...)

Gina LotriminTara NewhohlEileen Over
Sister FibrosisEartha QuakeSam Enella
Ora FiceIvan BendoverLeta Horticulture
Simplicity McCallSandy EggoBlanche D'Almonds
Eda BagelFonda CoxConnie Sewer
Anita MannCosta FortuneLucy Stool
Shasta ColaEileen PortsideAnna Waywego
Ethyl SupremeSue NommiBella DeBall
Selma BodySharon NeedlesIma Dumbstruck
Viagra FallsLois Carmen DenominatorMarcia Dimes

I worked from home today, again, on the IDI Users Guide.

I got my hair cut at Costcutters, where the lady zipped through my hair with the 5 on the top, 4 on the sides, clippers. Fortunately, she hardly talked at all, which is good, because she is really hard to understand. She's a mumbler.

At 6:00, we had our first STC NC Community Board of Directors Meeting, which went well, and was very productive.

We had lots of ideas for the year's calendar, and filled it up before ending the meeting. It seems like it will be a fun group to work with.

Kevin (av8rdude) and Eric (innoman) were at Karaoke, and I chatted with them a little, but spent most of the night talking and laughing and laughing and laughing with Tracey.

He told me the shirt I had on was too big for me. He's a skinny little bitch now. :-)