June 5th, 2006

Monday, Monday...

I had an entirely lazy day today. Yay, me.

I listened to a lot of The Da Vinci Code today, including during my 55-minute walk around Lake Johnson.

I had some Gorton's Grilled Fish Fillets, specifically the

with a side of white steamed rice. Yum.

I had coffee at Helios at when it closed at 10:00. Before leaving, I rifled through the discarded newspapers and found today's N&O crossword puzzle.

I stopped by Flex for a $1.25 Bourbon and Diet Coke. There were 10 people in the place, 4 of whom were guys who did the ride, and were playing pool tonight.

At home, I did the crossword puzzle, and then listened to more of The Da Vinci Code.