June 4th, 2006

The Barber of Seville...

Robert and I met Mary, her mother, and Kelly at Memorial Auditorium at the Progress Energy Center for the Performing Arts to attend today's performance of Gioachino Rossini's Il barbiere di Siviglia.

In the lobby, before Kelly arrived, I reviewed my mindmap for today's performance with Mary and her mother:

Collapse )

Anyone who has been reading for a while knows that I'm an irreverent opera fan. I have to make it "fun," and I have two ways of doing that: (1) By creating my outrageous mindmaps, which we take to each performance, and against which we make "air checks" whenever any events I have depicted take place on the stage (much to the chagrin of our neighbors in the "dress circle" season seats we have), and (2) By counting typos and grammar errors in the translations captions being displayed on a computer screen above the performance.

Previous opera mindmaps: The Merry Widow, Tosca

I have season tickets with my friend Mary, mostly because she cannot find a straight man who will attend the opera with her, but also because she is fun -- she appreciates the mindmaps, and she loves finding typos and grammar errors with me.

In this afternoon's performance, regrettably, we found several, which included:
  • that was used where this should have been
  • lot's, instead of lots, was used in the context of something like "lots of friends"
  • your, instead of you're, was used in the context of something like "you're going to..."
  • girls, instead of girl's, was used in the context of something like "the girl's teacher"
  • intensions was used where intentions should have been
  • then was capitalized in the middle of a sentence in the context of something like "Well, then..."
  • Near the end, a line that was repeated about three times, used loves, instead of love's, in the context of "love's contentment" and "love's compassion"
  • I'm pretty sure there was one word that should have ended in "ability" that they had ending in "ibility"
  • head ache, instead of headache
While I make light of this situation, deep down I think it's very sad that an enterprise like the opera that tends to see itself as "high-brow," constantly has these "low-brow" kinds of errors in its translation captions. They need an editor.

I listened to quite a bit of The Da Vinci Code on my iPod today. When I got to the chapters in the mid-40s (44, 45, 46, 47, etc.), each chapter kept repeating once before moving on to the next one.

Twice, I checked to make sure the "repeat" wasn't set to "on." It wasn't. From the main menu, I hit the "reset settings," option. Still repeating.

Finally, I noticed that I had two copies of each of those chapters downloaded to the iPod. Duh.

I deleted the extra copies, and all was well. The story has picked up, and I'm back into it.

So far, however, this book is reading as pure fiction to me. I'm yet to understand all the fuss about how this story might embarrass the Catholic Church. I'm sure I will before it's all "read to me" and done.

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