May 30th, 2006

1:1, Lion King tickets, Babymoon, an unfriendly closing, and a blah night out...

I worked from home this morning, finishing up the ITIM InfoCenter Topics edit for Chris.

I had my 1:1 with Dolores. She informed me about a slip in a product for which I'm doing an edit, which gives me more time to do a quality edit instead of the rushed one I was going to do. We talked about the notification process of how I'm to find out about things like this in the future, as I almost worked some over the weekend (at the beach!), which finding out after the fact that it was unnecessary would have really pissed me off.

We also discussed my upcoming schedule changes to accommodate a required IBM education session, and my mid-June vacation.

She asked me if I would consider doing some "Information Architect" type work. Later in the day, she asked me if I would consider becoming EFQ (Editing for Quality) certified.

Book club was attended by myself, Sharon, and Suzanne today. I was happy as a clam at high tide. Sharon was a little down after a meeting with Nick's teachers. Suzanne was in a grumpy mood -- her assessment, not mine -- she thinks due to recent upsetting conversations with her father.

A book was mentioned today -- Memoirs of a Geisha -- which we are reading next. Today, I put in an online request for a copy to the Wake County Public Library. I'm Number 9 on the waiting list.

Janet sent e-mail that a rescheduled session with her personal trainer this week would preclude her from attending today, and that next week, she and Beth will be on the Elderhostel trip.

I stopped at the IBM Club on the way from B002 to B510, and picked up my Lion King tickets for the Wednesday, October 4th, performance. I have seats in section G (Orchestra), row C, seats 1 & 2.

I met Robert for dinner out by the airport, where we were going to try a Cuban restaurant. A combination of it being a little pricey, me not seeing anything on the menu that jumped out at me, and the air-conditioning being out in half the restaurant made us reconsider.

We drove down the road to Babymoon Cafe, where I had the Lobster Ravioli, and Robert had the Meat Lasagna. We each enjoyed our own tremendously, and had bites of each other's selections as well. They had some killer bread there, too.

I did a 55-minute walk around Lake Johnson, as Paul Michael read The Da Vinci Code to me on my iPod. The deal.

I stopped at Helios for a cup of coffee right before closing, and was driven away from the place with the rest of the patrons when the music started blasting at closing time. No comment.

I went to Flex for scareyoke, and after a short while Kevin and Joey showed up.

I chatted a little with them, and a little bit with David, Brian's ex.

The replacement bartender for George was bartending tonight, and it's none other than... drum roll... Rodney, who used to work there, but has been in Tampa for a year or so.

It really wasn't working there for me last night, so I left fairly early -- at midnight.