May 4th, 2006

My password snafu, Will's legs, Tanya's trip, Mary K. Mart's schtick, and Dawn's cooking...

I worked from home long enough this morning to miss the traffic.

My AT&T Dialer password got hosed, and I had to call the Helpdesk to have it reset and sent to my e-mail (which I of course can't access without logging in), and to my manager.

By the time she (my manager) actually forwarded it to my personal e-mail, I was already at work, where I found it in my own mail.

I spent five hours editing Tim's FIM document today, which I enjoyed. It's not important what FIM stands for. I just like it juxtaposed with Tim.

I took a break for lunch and joined the TC/IBMers (Will, Courtney, Amelia, Tanya, and Dana) in the B500 cafeteria.

When I entered the cafeteria, I was looking down and I noticed the legs of the guy getting his tray and utensils in front of me -- nice hairy legs. My eyes moved up to his face, which when I reached it, turned out to belong to Will. I hate it when that happens.

Here's a picture of some guys in a Hairy Legs Contest. Looks as if the one in the white shorts could have also entered (and won I might add) a Sweet Ass Contest. But I digress...

We were celebrating Amelia's birthday, and Courtney had brought cupcakes. Good stuff.

Tanya entertained us with stories about her upcoming trip to Paris.

I joined Joe and Kevin (av8rdude) at Flex for Trailer Park Prize Night. Uneventful.

Mary K. Mart hosted, and we ended up at Shanghai Express after the show. I only had an order of steamed dumplings, which were delish.