April 22nd, 2006

Research paper, Joe's birthday cookout, dancing, and a puzzle...

I worked on my COM 487 Internet & Society research paper until about 3:30.

I got to Ben's and Dale's at about 5:10 for the cookout they were having in honor Joe's birthday, which is Tuesday, but he'll be in Kansas City on business that day.

Military Mary (Bill) was just arriving, and Joe followed about 20 minutes later. Steve came right at 6:00.

Their dog, Chelsea, is just adorable.

They cooked some killer marinated chicken on the grill, and served it with deviled eggs, which were totally yum, and some green beans. It was all good!

After dinner, Joe opened his cards and gifts.

My card said something to the effect of: (on front) Answer: Great balls of fire! (inside) Question: What did the daredevil who didn't jump high enough over the fire get?

I got him java and tunes:

Panera Bread Gift CardiTunes Gift Card

After that, we enjoyed a most delicious birthday cake.

I left the party at about 8:30, and went to Flex for dancing.

I really wasn't into dancing tonight. Carl, Michael, Geromy, Steven, Rick and myself were present.

Ross arrived for the last line dance. If he'd've been 5 minutes later, guess how many line dances he would have danced?

That's right, nun. [Ba-dump-bump. We're here all week, folks.]

Joe arrived at right around 11:00. We said hello and goodbye, as I left within 3 minutes of his arrival.

I was not about to sit through that drag show -- I don't care if it was a fund raiser. Cranky.

I logged in long enough to send Robert a goodnight e-mail, worked on the week's Independent crossword puzzle, and was asleep by midnight.