March 26th, 2006

A late check-out, a goodbye breakfast, three Sheetz to the wind, and karaoke...

We woke up at 10:32, with a check-out time of 11:00. I called the front desk, "May we have a late check-out of noon, please?" Let me check to see who's coming into 332 next... Yes, noon, will be fine.

We ended up checking out at about 11:40, and were to Pat and John's just a few minutes later.

Pat had fixed a killer breakfast of pancakes, bagels, and a fresh fruit medley, consisting of:

Orange juice and coffee were available as well.

We got on the road at 1:26, and made our first stop one hour into the trip at Sheetz, a favorite place of Joe's. We'd stopped there on the way up on Friday as well.

During the ride, Joe's other sister, Kathy, called to deliver the news that she'd been at the hospital with their dad since 4:30 in the morning. Congestive heart failure, yet again. She was frustrated with the nightmare that we all know as the "Best Healthcare System in the World."

I went to Karaoke at Flex tonight, and met Joe, Kevin (av8rdude), and Brian (brianrdu) there. It was uneventful.

I left the three of them there at midnight.