February 28th, 2006

A meme, a CT scan, and catching up with a missed friend...

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In case you haven't heard, NPR has resurrected the 1950s radio show, "This, I Believe."

This particular essay is entitled, "There Is No God," and it's by Penn Jillette, part of the Penn & Teller duo. I love the ideas he puts forth in this essay.

Here, you can either read it or press the button there to hear Penn read it himself.

I had a CT scan today to make sure this is just a pulled abdominal muscle causing my discomfort.

Don't I look tiny? That's not me, silly! I went in feet first, for one thing.

I had to arrive an hour before the procedure, presumably to drink two glasses of some not-too-badly-tasting concoction. I still don't know what it was, but I do know that it wasn't a laxative. Thankfully.

Both the nurse and the radiologist were a hoot. The nurse was named Amy, but I never did get the radiologist's name. I do know that she favored Fanny Flagg -- in her early years.

At one point, the radiologist had her gloved hand right by my face, and I said, "You smell like balloons."

"Latex!" she said a little too excitedly. "You aren't allergic, are you?"

"No, but I do have a little fetish, and that groin-area x-ray protector you have on me is bobbing up and down." Just kidding: I did say that, but it wasn't bobbing.

When she injected the dye in me, I felt it making its way down, and I said, "Wow, that feels just like the first stiff bourbon and diet of the night."

That machine did four scans of me, during which I had to hold my breath for 8 seconds, 8 seconds, 22 seconds, and then 15 seconds, respectively.

The two 8-second scans were just to "outline my body." The long one was the actual scan, and the 15-second one was taken after a little break, to give my kidneys time to flush the dye through.

At the end, I asked the nurse what the difference was between a CT scan and a CAT scan, and she said, "There is none."

"Why'd they drop the A then?"

At first she looked nonplussed, then went off on some foreign language binge about axial cuts, which are vertical "slices" from side to side of your body, and two other big words that mean slicing and dicing from head to toe both vertically and horizontally.

When she stopped, and looked at me, I said, "I believe you."

I met Gregor (wild_sun) at Helios last night and we had such a wonderful hour-and-some catching up. It's been forever, and I've missed chats like the one we had last night.

We covered a gazillion subjects.

At scareyoke, I met Kevin (av8rdude). We hung out until about 12:30, then went over to Legends, but stayed 30-45 minutes the most. Uneventful evening.