February 9th, 2006

Funny cops, a mess at the pumps, Piper's, class, and a movie...

I forgot to mention this in yesterday's blog. While I was eating at Two Guys last night, five cops, in full uniform, came in to have dinner.

When their server said, fairly loudly, addressing the entire table, "Can I get you gentlemen something to drink?" one of them responded back a little loudly, "Yeah, what do you have on tap?"

The whole place glanced over at them. Too funny.

The only thing funnier would have been, had one of them then said, "Okay, give me a bottle of Bass Ale. To go."

During lunch today, I picked up Irene at the airport, and we met Robert for lunch at Piper's in the Park.

On the way to Piper's, I stopped to get gas, since I was below "E" and the you-know-what was lit.

I was rushing, and really manged to get the pump's panties all in a twist. I did things so out of order, evidently, that the pump couldn't handle my requests.

After three unintelligible blurbs back and forth on the speaker system, the guy came out of the convenience store and walked up to our pump. He was kind of sexy.

He made me slow down, start over, and do things in the order in which the machine expected. At one point, I was still swinging the nozzle around when he was about to push the "start fueling" button.

Irene jumped out of the way. And we laughed.

He said, "You think that's funny. I've seen husbands douse their wives before in this very way."

Irene laughed, and said, "Well my husband wouldn't do that to me, and grabbed my arm."

I know that guy was thinking as he went back into the store, "Lady, there's something about your 'husband' you should know."

We had an enjoyable lunch at Piper's, and I handed The Thirteenth Floor DVD back to Robert to return to VisArt in Durham for me. Thank you, my sweet.

Grantwriting class went well tonight. The teacher was 15 minutes late, and after about 10 minutes, we started without her. Since we usually spend the first hour of the 2 hour and 15 minute class critiquing each other's papers, we just got started on that.

She arrived about 5 minutes later, and apologized for being late. Bad traffic on Hillsborough Street, and then couldn't find a park. I rarely, if ever, say, "find a park."

Irene and I had somewhat of a rushed dinner at Amedeo's, and then went to see TransAmerica, which she hadn't seen. I laughed a lot again during this movie, and enjoyed hearing Irene's reaction to it.

We had a nice discussion about it on the way home.

I tucked her in, and then met Joe at Flex for Trailer Park Prize Night. Mary K. Mart hosted, so it was pretty decent.

We stopped to see Dawn on the way home; she was in red tonight.

I wasn't very hungry. I ate an egg roll, and about one-fourth, if that much, of my meal.