January 16th, 2006

Music, coffee, and bagels...

I am really enjoying my Bose SoundDock Digital Music System for my iPod.

If you drink coffee at Starbucks, listen to this podcast: Starbucks' Little Secret

[I think you have to have iTunes downloaded to listen to it. If you don't, and don't want to download it, click below for a transcript of the first part of the podcast. It's enough to get the gist.]

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I don't frequent Starbucks that often, but I will definitely be ordering the "short coffee" the next time I do. Personally, I think Starbucks' coffee is way too strong, especially if you drink it black, and way over-priced.

I met Joe for coffee and a bagel at the Panera's in Cary.

As they were closing at 9PM, a couple came in and sat by the door. From what Joe and I could gather, they were there to pick up all of the leftover bagels, perhaps to bring to a food bank or homeless shelter.