January 15th, 2006

Sperm integrity, Rock-Ola, lame-dancing (I mean line-dancing), karaoke, and turkwaz...


includes an e-mail from Elisabeth Sheehan with a subject line of: Improve sperm integrity



• noun 1 the quality of being honest and morally upright. 2 the state of being whole or unified. 3 soundness of construction.
Dear Elisabeth,

Thanks for getting me to think about the integrity of my sperm. It's the one thing about it that I really hadn't contemplated lately. I have to admit, that other than that aspect of it, I think about it a lot.

Your mail did get me to wondering about a few things: How is it that you've come to be so concerned about the integrity of sperm? Did someone make a "good sperm" promise to you that went awry, or have you been scorned by sperm in some other way?

I would really like to get my hands around this thing. Perhaps if we keep going back and forth on it, we'll come to some productive end. Otherwise, it will just keep swimming around in my head.

I hope you really are sincere about this, and not just all wet.

Up for it,

What Elisabeth doesn't know won't hurt her. Yours and my dirty little secret: Collapse )

In looking back through my journal (Editorial Aside: The search feature in LiveJournal is one of the very few things about LiveJournal that unequivocally sucks.) for my vasectomy story, I came across this scene from a GenderPac conference I attended in May of 2002.

GenderPac is a national organization working to end discrimination and violence caused by gender stereotypes. A very large portion of the attendees at this conference were transgender. Most of the rest of the attendees were either gay, lesbian, or bi, with a host of straight people who deal with sexual orientation in business.

The description of this session starts off a little ordinary, but things quickly proceed to pandemonium.

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I met Joe for dinner at Rock-Ola Cafe

I thought I recognized our waitress, maybe from school, and I asked her, "Do you recognize me?"

She looked at me with one of those looks like, "I don't know you from Jack. If you think you're famous or something, sorry to burst your bubble, but I have no idea who you are."

"Nooo," she replied in a tentative tone, her eyes widening, and turning her head slightly to the right and pulling it back.

Figuring out how she was taking it, I laughed, and said, "You look familiar to me, so I was wondering if I did to you, too. That's all."

I danced at CCs tonight. Lame. I danced less than 7 dances.

Rick E. and I had a very spirited discussion about Brokeback Mountain. Walter looked at each of us, alternately, like watching a Wimbledon match.

I was at Flex for about 15 minutes, before I realized that Tula Box was not hosting the karaoke tonight. Seems she had a prior engagement over at Legends.

She did show up later, though, and made us all laugh as usual.

It was fairly crowded tonight with the likes of Steve, Joe, Loren, brianrdu, Mike (Brian's colleague and friend), av8rdude, Carl, Craig, David, Ric, Rick, Jeremy, and Walter.

Too late in the night, Joe, Steve, av8rdude, and I stopped at Shanghai Express, where we, indeed, found Dawn in her "tur-kwaz" outfit.