January 14th, 2006

Playboy, decorating, electronic music, cuteness, exchanges, dinner, and an anniversary...

I found this in my U.S. mail pile yesterday:

P.O. Box 3306
Harlan, IA 51593-0063
You've been selected to enjoy
PLAYBOY for just $1 an issue,
our absolute lowest price!
And get a FREE DVD!


A clear waste of advertising dollars. It's unfathomable to me how I would get on such a mailing list.

Oh, the free DVD? Woohoo:


A Christmas leftover: At the bottom of the page, slide the little ornament from left to right.

A very cool electronic music device demo.

The challenge is to look through this site with out uttering, "Oh, how cute!" Supposedly, it can't be done.

I exchanged a towel set I got from Target for Christmas for a different color. I switched from light brown to dark brown, though I'm sure in the store they were labeled something like taupe and chocolate.

While I was there, I looked for two extra pillowcases to go with the 400-thread count sheets I also got for Christmas. I learned that they don't make queen pillow cases. The choices were either standard or king. I've had a queen-sized bed most of my life. How could I not know this?

Actually, I think I must have known this at some point, because after about 15 minutes of looking through almost all of the pillowcases in the store, and noticing, "Hey they're out of queen pillowcases for every kind of sheets," I thought, "Let me look at a packaged set."

I looked at the set that I actually have, and am trying to match, and sure enough it said package includes: 1 queen flat sheet, 1 queen fitted sheet 2 standard pillowcases.

I stopped at Best Buy and bought myself a Bose speaker docking system for my iPod using a good chunk of the $500 my parents gave me for Christmas. It sounds killer.

I created an evite to invite Robert to dinner tonight.


Tomato-Basil-Mozzarella Bruschetta


Grilled Black Peppercorn Marinated Filet Mignon
Baked Potato
Butternut Squash


A choice of
Double-Churned Butter Pecan Ice Cream
Double-Churned Coffee Ice Cream

We dropped in on CCs 30-Year Anniversary celebration. The best thing about the night was all domestic bottled beer being $.99, even though I don't drink beer. I had a $3.00 bourbon and Diet Coke.