December 10th, 2005

The EAGLE Holiday Party...

Classified ads spotted recently:

Inflatable Cutting Board Used once. Disappointing results. $5.00 $2.50

Wedding Dress Worn once -- by mistake. $215.00

My daily e-mail from A.Word.A.Day contained the entry below. I believe this is precisely the word I was looking for in this entry, instead of the word "dork."

This week's theme: eponyms.

poindexter (POIN-dek-stuhr) noun

An extremely intelligent but socially inept person.

[After Poindexter, a character in the animated series Felix the Cat.]

Poindexter is a synonym of nerd or geek. In the cartoon, Poindexter is the nephew of The Professor, the arch-enemy of Felix the Cat. The creator of the cartoon series is said to have named the character Poindexter after his lawyer.

-Anu Garg (

"As more companies try to recruit business-literate CIOs, the title looks increasingly attractive to Young Turks who might earlier have dismissed it as a job for Poindexters."
Mindy Blodgett; Across the Great Divide; CIO (Framingham, Massachusetts); Dec 15, 1999.

I attended the EAGLE holiday party today, which was fun. There weren't that many people there, but the gift exchange was fun, and the one game we played of Catch Phrase was absolutely hysterical. Glad I brought it.

I met Jay's boyfriend, who is a Portuguese hottie.

Podcasts I've listened to over the last few days:

Rating Legend
Time Wasted: Didn't Interest/Entertain Me
♥♥Time Well-Spent: I Found It Interesting/Entertaining
♥♥♥Time Invested: It Fascinated/Delighted Me

Slate Explainer PodcastsToilet or Chest of Drawers?
What's a Louis-Philippe Commode? Hint: It's not a toilet. By Daniel Engber. California Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham resigned last Monday and pleaded guilty to fraud, tax evasion, and accepting millions of dollars in bribes. Included in his haul of illegal gifts was an 1850 Louis-Philippe commode purchased from an antique store -- along with another 19th century commode -- for $7,200. What's a Louis-Philippe commode?
Slate Explainer PodcastsTake Me to Your Majority Leader
How To Replace Tom DeLay: A guide to congressional leadership elections. By Daniel Engber. Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay may face a criminal trial within the next few months, after only one of the three charges against him was dismissed on Monday. Some House Republicans now say they'd like to vote on a new, permanent majority leader in January. How do you get elected party leader?
ABC News Money MinuteHo, Ho, Owe!
Tips to pay down debt accumulated during the holiday season.
ABC News Money MinuteTax Tip Solutions
Year-end tax advice to get your financial house in order.
ABC News Money MinuteGift Card Warnings
Popular holiday gift cards come with potential downsides for consumers.
Slate MagazineA DVD Series to Leave Behind
The "Left Behind" Movies: How to end the world on a budget. Slate contributor Grady Hendrix examines the three movies in the "Left Behind" series, based on the best-selling Christian novels about the apocalypse. He finds the production values so minimal as to be downright blasphemous.
Slate MagazineDreaming of a White (House) Christmas
Marathon of Mirth, Part 1: Had enough Christmas parties yet? Bush has to host 26 of them. Slate's John Dickerson takes us behind the scenes at the White House's annual marathon of holiday merriment.
Slate MagazineBush's Christmas Parties, Part 2
Had enough Christmas parties yet? Bush has to host 26 of them. Slate's John Dickerson takes us behind the scenes at the White House's annual marathon of holiday merriment.
NPRNPR: Most E-Mailed Stories for Monday, 05 Dec 2005 
Stories included in this episode: 1) Time to Make the Christmas Pudding 2) Rick Moranis, Singing 'Cowboy' 3) Algerian Revolution Echoes in French Violence 4) Native Americans Seek 'Outsourced' Jobs 5) Dial-a-Song Names Your Tune 6) Shuffling Pairs of Five
NPRE-Mailed Stories for Wednesday, 07 Dec 2005 
Stories included in this episode: 1) Tonle Sap: The Flowing Heart of Cambodia 2) Jelly Roll Morton Plays the Library of Congress 3) Pandemic Flu Spurs Race for New Vaccine Methods 4) Study Explores Minority Exclusion from Medical Trials 5) San Francisco: A Childless Future? 6) High Court to Weigh Military Recruitment at Universities
NPRE-Mailed Stories for Friday, 09 Dec 2005 
Stories included in this episode: 1) Treatments Offer Help for Macular Degeneration 2) Link Seen Between Babies' Sight, Language Development 3) Consultant Helps U.S. Companies Move to China 4) A John Lennon Moment from 1971 5) Rio's Christmas Barge 6) 'Queen of the Mountain Bootleggers' Maggie Bailey
The Discovery ChannelGiants: The Myth and the Science 
Discovery Channel explores whether giants ever walked the earth.
The Discovery ChannelBanished: Living with Leprosy 
Uncover the truth behind the disease.
The French PodClassFrenchPodClass #3
Bonjour ! Et voila le FrenchPodClass numero 3. This week is featuring a longer PodClass (30 min): A discussion / 1st part :Les deplacements / 2d part :numbers. I also include the lyrics of one of the song. I will solve the ''popping'' problem pretty soon... please be patient! Do not forget that there is also the review sheet. Feel free to send any comments or request. Enjoy.
Ebert & RoeperReviews for the Weekend of December 3-4, 2005

The Leprosy one was absoutely fascinating! I had no idea!

I loved the ending to Ebert and Roeper's review of Brokeback Mountain, which by the way, they gave two thumbs up: "This ultimately is an incredible love story, but a lot of people will say, 'It's a gay story.' To that we say, 'Oh, get over it!'" It was something to that effect. :)

The word from E&R on this, too, is that Heath Ledger is sure to get an Oscar nomination out of this.