October 31st, 2005

Shopping options...

I spent most of my work day creating the diversity presentation I will give this Thursday, and again next Wednesday. It came together quite nicely.

I had a healthy lunch, though I worked through it.

At about 5:00, Joe called to see if I was interested in dinner, and I met him at Baja Burrito at 6PM, where we each had a burrito.

We walked down the stairs to Cup-A-Joe, where he had regular coffee, and I had a "Milky Way Joe-Juice."

We talked for about an hour - long enough to keep us away from our respective homes while "Trick or Treating" went on.

I'm in a funk again, which I'm fairly certain was precipitated by this iPod business.

I know I want to go ahead and buy one now. And I now know I don't need a 60GB one, that's for sure. I'm considering a 20GB one, or possibly a nano, but not certain about that yet.

I'm also trying to decide if I want to wait until the biggest shopping day of the year, the day after Thanksgiving, to possibly get one on sale, or just go ahead and get one now. I guess three weeks is not that long to wait; I've been without one this long.

Oddly, this iPod hit the ground on a corner of the device, which is just where my digital camera hit when I dropped that. I'd only used it about 5 times, took less than 50 pictures with it, and the LCD viewer stopped working after I dropped it. I'm definitely getting a protective case with the new iPod.

I'm calling it a night early tonight: "A night."