September 15th, 2005

Being in a funk sucks...

I'm in a funk.

Work sucks.

My last several entries here suck.

The size clothes I'm wearing again sucks.

Missing a semester of school sucks.

Vacuums suck.

Five non-sexual images returned on a Google Images search with "suck" as the search argument:

The guy in the last picture is supposed to be sucking beer out of a keg. It looks like a plastic container to me.


Anagrams for i am in a funk

funk aim ian fink ainu am akin fun aim akin mu fain akin mu if an
akin nu if am kim fauna in kim faun ian kim ainu fan ink faun aim
kin faun aim ink nu mafia kin nu mafia ku mafia inn ku fain main
ku fain am in ku ifni am an ku fin amain ku fin mania ku fin aim an
ku fin am ian ku fan aim in ku if main an ku if aim ann ku if aim nan
ku if man ian ku if am nina ku if am in an

   28 anagrams found.