August 15th, 2005

MS in Technical Communication Orientation...

Our 11:00 TIGR meeting was canceled today at 10:59. My 1:00 meeting was short, but went smoothly.

To mom and dad, I mailed:
  1. directions to my house,

  2. a copy of a bill of the Cingular Wireless service they have, and

  3. a copy of their excursion confirmations for the cruise next week.

I attended the "MS in Technical Communication Orientation" tonight, where we welcomed the new suckers students entering the program this semester.

It was a fun meeting, and it was good to see some of the second (and third) year folks -- Michelle, Heather, and Peg. Not that it wasn't good to see Will and E-Ching, but they are old hat -- in the most comfortable of ways, that is.

I stopped at the Hairy Peter at Cameron Village on the way home, and I bought:

Diet Coke Homemade Bread Potato Salad

I hit the mother lode in terms of my VIC card giving me discounts on all three items: $2.59, $1.50, and $.79 respectively. The glass bowl did not come with the potato salad.

I sent a sympathy card to Kurt's widow with these sentiments:

Dear Kathy,

I was so sorry to hear of Kurt's passing. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of his life at the visitation; thank you for making them available.

I liked Kurt. He was a personable professional, and it is, in part, to his credit that I am pursuing my Master of Science Degree in Technical Communication at NCSU. I entered the program shortly after a department meeting in which he talked about having completed the program himself.

Up until that point, I'd never heard of it, and was so excited about it that I submitted my application within days, and was accepted into the program in the Spring of 2004 semester. I'm about halfway done now. I know I'll continue to think about him as I pursue my degree, and certainly upon my graduation.

Please accept my deepest condolences, and I hope it helps in some small way to know the part Kurt played in my life, and that I thought he was a fine man.

Best regards,