August 4th, 2005


I learned a new word today that I just love: avoirdupois. My favorite advice columnist, Prudie, used it in this week's column. Love it. Love her.

I gave a 30-second spiel about quality and ISO in the last minute of the project kickoff meeting of the project that Charlie and Dana are managing.

Toyota called to tell me that I need a new vacuum cannister for my EVAP system.

The three OBD-II codes causing my check engine light to come on were:

Evaporative Emission Control System Malfunction
Evaporative Emission Control System Incorrect Purge Flow
Evaporative Emission Control System Vent Control Circuit Malfunction

The repair estimate was $400. What're you gonna do? I authorized the repair.

The only thing good that came out of the conversation was finding out that I have a 60,000-mile warranty on my car. I thought it was only a 36,000-mile one.

They called back at 3:30 to tell me that the car was ready. The total was $306. Let's just hope the light doesn't come back on in a week.

Robert picked me up at work, and took me to get my car. Just as I was about to walk to my car, the bottom fell out, and it poured like a mother. It passed fairly quickly, and I headed back to Raleighwood.

Joe had called just as I was stepping up to collect my key and pay for the work on my car, so I returned his call on the way home. We agreed to meet at Helios at 7PM.

I stopped at Sam's Club on the way home in hopes of getting some baby aspirin. Turns out they don't sell it.

I stopped at the K-Mart by my house and got three 36-count bottles of baby aspirin, a glass scraper (razor blade with handle), a set of disposable Glad storage containers, and some Starbucks Coffee-flavored Frappuccino Drink.

I met Joe at Helios, and we sat laptop-to-laptop. He read my journal entries from the day before we left for our trip, and I immensely enjoyed his laughing as he read.

He ordered some hummus and pita bread, and I helped him eat it. It came with about 5 Kalamata olives on the plate, too.

We looked up information on the AIDS Ride, which has since changed since we first read about it. They have added a 30- and 60-mile option to the original 101.5-only option. Joe is now reconsidering participating.

We assumed the wireless network would be going down at 9:00, and a band started setting up, which we didn't care to hear anyway. We left shortly after 9PM.

I stayed in tonight and read some more of We Are All the Same.