July 27th, 2005

Thoughts on Zombies...

For those of you coming upon this entry from my blog, this is in response to one Jason Swarts' blog entry. (Dr. Swarts was one of my professors in my Spring '05 semester.)

Dr. Swarts,

Not that technical communication is a communicable disease, but some of the points you ponder (e.g., "Could a person be bitten at a restaurant, return home, and then turn into a zombie?") sound more like the points explored in a mathematical inquiry into the spread of SARS.

Pictures like these two seem to be more in line with the model you are hypothesizing for the zombies:


You might find the article from which these pictures are linked, "Predicting the Path of Infectious Diseases," interesting.

Personally, I think you need to know more of the "rules set" operating on the zombies. I'm not convinced that they have exposed the behavior of the model enough, at least as much as I read about it.

Or, it's possible, I suppose, that you are assuming/imposing behaviors outside of its rule set.

Or, perhaps, not unlike the distributive property and adjectives and nouns, network models and zombies just don't play that well together. :-)


Dancing and a trip report...

Robert and I had dinner at Hibernian's, which was awesome. We had that killer artichoke and spinach dip, and split the "large" order of fish and chips. Yum.

Robert bought me a DVD Video of one of Barbra's concerts, and we watched about half of it, up until Mike Myers stands up in the audience, as Linda Richman, and banters with Barbra. Hysterical. We both love him, her, and her (Mike, Linda, and Barbra, respectively).

Dancing was a blast tonight. We had a good number of dancers, and the crowd was quite festive.

My friend's son, whose name is Christopher Allen (and you'll see him mentioned a couple of times in these updates if you read them), is making a bicycle trip across the U.S. this summer. They left San Francisco on July 13th and plan to finish in Norfolk, Virginia on or around August 15th.

They started with a group of about 8-10, and picked up a couple of bikers along the way. I believe most of them are "kids" (summer between high school and college types) with a couple of chaperones along.

Though they have a basic "trail" to follow, this trip is one such that they ride into a town when it gets dark, and start looking for a place to eat and sleep. They are carrying their provisions, including their tents, on their bikes with them.

Having done the AIDS Ride in June of 2003, and feeling very unworthy with all the "challenges" I thought that ride brought me, I find this ride incredibly fascinating and inspiring.

On Monday June 20th, the group finds themselves in the midst of 8000-feet climbs and 95-degree heat...

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Thursday, June 23rd brings our hardy boys facing steady 30-40 MPH head winds, but rewarded with a swimming pool later in the day...

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This Tuesday, July 5th, update talks about being a "captive audience" in the "officially worst town ever"...

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In this Thursday, July 14th, update we learn that this "sketchy-looking" group is sometimes hassled by the police! Who'd a thunk?...

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Monday, July 18th: "2000 miles down, a few more to go," music on the iPod, and "locals who live real lives"...

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Friday, July 22nd, brings 40 pies, 110-degree "scorchers" and "heat advisories for 5 straight days," and for the first time in trip memory: tail winds!

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Monday, July 25th... oh, this is bad, brutal stuff!

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You can view some pictures of the group and the trip in progress!