June 26th, 2005

Lake Johnson and gummy penises...

I got some IBM work done during the day today.

At about 4:30 or so, Joe and I walked around Lake Johnson:

In spite of our total divineness as human beings, we did not walk on water as this map might suggest one does. Actually, we just walked the route to the left of the foot bridge. It was a little more humid than I would have preferred.

I met Joe at Baja Burrito for dinner. In spite of the name of the place, and the fact that I love them, I did not have a burrito. I had nachos instead. They were yum.

At Flex, Joe and I eventually got a pool table, and the highlight of the evening was presenting the new ironing board to Tula Boxx. Her arms flailed and she squealed a tad bit when I told her I had it in the car.

At some point in the evening, we were joined by Brian and (black) David, and we sat talking, and eating peanuts from the urinal -- you know, the usual stuff.

At another point in the evening, someone gave Tula Boxx a box (that sounds redundant -- Tula Boxx a box) of "Gummy Penises."

I always try the goodies she gets, and tonight was no exception. Mmmmm. Good. A little hard, but good. Hard penises are a good thing. I just sucked on mine. So to speak.

Michael L. loved his, and at one point went up for another helping of them, leaning way over the new ironing board to reach them on the ledge on the back wall.

Joe and I left at 11:00ish.