June 19th, 2005

Dial "M" for Murder...

We slept in again this morning, and had bagels for breakfast -- one half with butter, the other half with cream cheese and grape jelly. Yum.

We walked the three-mile path around Lake Johnson from about 12:45-1:45. It was a nice walk, but hotter than we anticipated.

We had leftovers from last night's dinner for lunch today -- two hamburgers and some salad.

We went to see Dial "M" for Murder at N.C. State, in which my friend Gregor McElvogue (wild_sun) had a lead part. It was quite good. I have never seen it either as a play or the movie, so it was all new to me. We were pretty much spared a perfume marination this time, though someone at somewhat of a distance had something on.

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There was one hot "daddy" there, who was with his family -- perhaps a father's day outing.

Gregor was quite good in his part. In fact, the two women next to us had a conversation something like this during the intermission:

Lady One: The gentleman playing Mr. Wendice is quite good.

Lady Two: Yes, he is. Haven't we seen him before?

Lady One: Yes, he was in something else we saw here.

I bit my tongue from barging into their conversation to 1) brag that he was my friend, and 2) tell them he was just in An Appointment with Death a week or so ago, if they'd seen that.

After the play, Robert headed back to Chapel Hill, and I took a nap.

I met Joe at Flex at around 8:30. Both pool tables were taken, but eventually Walter played against Andy, won, and offered the table to Joe and me. How sweet. He also bought us each a buttershot-based shot. Even sweeter -- literally!

After a while, Kevin arrived, as did Brian. We played some more games of pool later in the evening, when the one table came empty.

Before the night was over, Kevin and I had coerced Joe into "performing," and we belted out Piano Man from the peanut gallery while he sang it on stage.

Tula Boxx was just a delight. She had on this French Maid outfit the first part of the night. I have got to get that ironing board this week. She so deserves it.