June 9th, 2005


Mary and I had this most fun chat today about my Tosca Mindmap:

Mary - you are priceless
Mary - i am so blessed to have you in my life

Me - lol
Mary - that mind map is great
Me - thank you
Me - notice the little breasteses on tosca!
Mary - i love it!
Mary - i am printing it now to show my mom
Me - good
Me - hehehehe
Mary - kelly loves it too
Me - great
Me - we will be doing bigtime air checks tomorrow night
Mary - oh yea
Mary - shall i bring a yellow highlighter?
Mary - how anal!
Mary - at least red pen
Me - LOL
Me - i love the carnage cemetery at the bottom
Me - lol
Me - i crack myself up
Mary - yes it is even better than the last one
Mary - i am hysterical
Mary - i just love it
Me - good
Me - that makes it all worthwhile
Mary - oh yea
Me - you might want to print the REAL synopses
Me - i left a lot out
Me - i only have so much paper to work with
Me - and so much (read: little) artistic talent
Mary - k
Mary - well it will be printed in our programs
Me - true
Mary - i like your synopsis better
Me - lol
Me - it's succinct
Mary - yea
Me - love that key in the water basin too
Me - it looks like a mushroom
Me - i have no drawing talent
Mary - now that is a negative statement
Mary - you must say ' i have not explored my artistic side enough yet'
Me - every time i wanted to draw something i would have to do something like google.com > images > cannon
Me - and look at how one looks
Me - and then try to draw it
Me - bless my mess
Mary - love your mess
Me - lol
Mary - so much carnage
Me - and that canon STILL ended up looking like a penis
Mary - hmmm
Me - lol
Mary - i wonder why
Me - rotfl
Mary - yes the canon looks like a dick
Mary - you are so bad
Mary - may i send this link to rodney? he'd get a kick out of it
Me - oh for sure
Me - whomever
Mary - it should be in the programs at Memorial Auditorium
Mary - more fun for everyone
Me - consider it (the penis-lookalike canon) FORESHADOWING... foreshadowing how everyone is going to get fucked in this play
Me - and die in the end
Mary - love it
Me - i mean OPERA, of course, it's so much MORE than a PLAY
Mary - yes, we are not taking it seriously enough
Mary - we cannot sit there giggling when it's so serious and dark
Me - LOL
Mary - we will have to contain ourselves
Me - i must remember to take my calcium pill before we go (allusion to old lady in this entry)
Mary - love it!

I got the nicest card in the mail today from Steve with his reimbursement of what he owed me from our Chicago trip.

Outside: To My Dear Friend I would have missed so many things if we had never met -- The happiness of moments much too special to forget...

Inside: The warmth of caring deeply and sharing as we do -- But, most of all, would have missed the joy of knowing you.

Written: John, Thank you for being such a wonderful friend! I love you! Love, Steve

I was having a conversation with an IBMer in Mexico City today, and he asked, "Have you ever been in Mexico?" At first I responded no, but then remembered this one day in November of 2002. Oh what a day that was; I had to pee so bad my eyes crossed.

After I told him about that visit, he replied, "Tijuana is not Mexico." :-)

I got through a tedious, tedious edit today -- of the DB2 Adapter Installation and Configuration Guide.

After work, I went to Just Tires in Cary on E. Chatham. They only had three of the kind of tires I want. They will have the fourth transferred from another store tomorrow. I plan to bring my car over there around 4:30 tomorrow to be done in plenty of time to leave for the opera by 6:50.