June 8th, 2005

Prague's infamy: crystal and porn...

I worked with the OS/400 developer today on verifying the certificate installation steps in the OS/400 Password Synchronization Plug-in book. This guy was very knowledgeable, but one of those super geeks with absolutely no social skills. Bless his heart.

I created my mind map for Friday's performance of Tosca. I've placed it in a separate journal entry.

I made up four batches of the now infamous Harry & David cream cheese dip to bring to Adam's welcome back celebration tonight. Robert surprised me by arriving before I left for Flex, which was great since it allowed us to ride together.

It was a fairly festive night. Adam looked great, and seemed to have a good "welcome back party." At one point he said to Robert and me, "I have a little something for you guys. If you follow me out to the car, I'll give it to you."

I did. He had about six (Whole Foods) brown shopping bads in his trunk with peoples' names on them. He grabbed the two that had "Robert" and "John" on them. As he handed them to me he said, "Two things Prague is famous for, crystal and porn."

We opened our gift bags at home. Robert got a nice crystal glass and a porn magazine. I got a beautiful crystal vase and the same porn, but my own copy. :-)

Tosca -- Oh the DRAMA of it all...

In preparation for Tosca on Friday night, I present to myself, and fellow opera-goers, (my little) mind map of what's to take place. Mary, Kelly, Robert, and I will no doubt carry on the tradition started at The Merry Widow of having the mind map with us, and making a big bad check mark in the air as each event unfolds. This activity, of course, will be interspersed with looking for grammatical errors in the translation captions.

The events are color-coded by act: Act I, Act II, Act III

[1] Angelotti is an escaped political prisoner, and using a key hidden in a water basin, is hiding out in the side chapel of Sant'Andrea della Valle in Rome.

[2] His friend, a painter, and his political ally, Cavaradossi, agrees to help him flee Rome.

[3] Cavaradossi is secretly in love with Tosca, a famous singer.

[4] The discovery of the escape of Angelotti is announced by a cannon shot from the Castel Sant'Angelo.

[5] Baron Scarpia, Chief of Police, and Spoletta, his henchman, look for Angelotti. When Tosca leaves to find her lover, Scarpia has her followed. Scarpia vows to bring Cavaradossi to the gallows and Tosca into his arms.

[6] Scarpia has Cavaradossi arrested, and taken away to be tortured.

[7] In order to save Cavaradossi, Tosca reveals Angelotti's hiding place, and makes a deal with Scarpia that he can only release Cavaradossi by faking to execute him.

[8] Rather than turn himself in, Angelotti commits suicide.

[9] Tosca insists that Scarpia pen a note of safe conduct, saying that Cavaradossi's execution will be a mock one, Tosca spots a knife, grabs it, and then plunges it into Scarpia's back.

[10] The mock execution turns out to be a fake mock execution (i.e., the double negatives mean he is really executed).

[11] When Tosca discovers this, she takes the big dirt nap.

Actual synopses can be found here and here.