June 7th, 2005

Tedious is as tedious does...

I have tickets for Tosca on Friday. This article suggests a promising evening. I need to do a mind map of the synopsis like I did for The Merry Widow:

Did I mention the tedious editing I'm doing these days? Today I edited three books. My eyes are still crossed.

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I left work with the intention of going to Just Tires to get new tires, or at least replace the tire I damaged last Friday. On the way home, I hit the most torrential rain from one of the most severe storms I've been in in ages. At a couple of points, I screamed out in the car, "You're startin' to scare me, Dr. Eve!"

I ended up not going, but went home and took a nap from 7:30 - 9:30 instead.

I showered and went to Steve's in Garner to get my Harry & David Pepper & Onion Relish, which he bought for me in Smithfield on Friday.

I met Joe at Flex just after 10:30. For a change, there were more than the usual suspects there, which made it a little more interesting.

innoman & av8rdude finally arrived a little after midnight. Welcome home drinks all around.

Kurt walked out with me, and on the sidewalk, talked and talked and talked about his cars and about his "homestead" and its history. I was tired.