June 5th, 2005

Seductive package of love items...

My alarm went off at 8:00, and my first thought was, "Why does drinking always seem like such a good idea at night?" Joe called shortly after that to make sure I was up. I told him I'd be at his house between 9:00 and 9:15.

I had two sausage biscuits and some milk, shaved, showered, packed a bag real quick with suntan lotions, and a change of clothes, grabbed two beach towels, and was on my way to Joe's by 9:00.

When I got to his house, we were standing in his kitchen, and suddenly heard a noise behind me on the floor, as if I'd dropped something. Joe said, "Oh you dropped something." I turned around and there was a french fry on the floor behind me. WTF??? A whole french fry, like from McDonalds. Well, we both lost it. It was the damnest thing. We joked about it all day long.

We talked all the way to Wilmington. We stopped for gas off an exit of I-40, and I ran in to use the restroom. OMG -- it was so hot in there, and not in a good way. And I mean in the entire place, not just the restroom. They had no air-conditioning; all the doors were open. I'm sure if I had bought a chocolate candy bar and held it vertically, it would have just bent over.

The restroom had a huge vending machine on the wall containing the following:

Extra Lubricated



Seductive Package of 4 Love Items


Rough Rider



French Tickler



I was particularly intrigued by the bolded item. First of all, I seriously doubt that anyone getting their sexual accoutrements from this venue is thinking of any of these things as love items. Second of all, for 50¢, of what items could this seductive package possibly consist? Beyond one condom and a tiny tube of lube, I can't fathom what else might be included in this value pack.

Immediately on the other side of the bridge at Wrightsville beach, we pulled into the Trolly Stop.

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We set up camp on the beach within distance of several pieces of eye candy. Call us shallow. After a while, we took a walk along the beach, toward the Shell Island resort, and once there, actually went in it. This is the resort at which Joe is staying next week with his sister and her family, so he was excited about seeing it ahead of time.

After about 3 hours, at about 3:15, we decided that we were roasting, and packed up. We thought about stopping by Costello's for a Bloody Mary, but called and found out that they open at 7PM seven days a week. We decided to head directly back to Raleigh.

On the way back, we listened to three of my 10-CD collection of Soul Ballads, with the agreement that we'd listen to the first minute or so of the song, and if we didn't both know it, we'd move on to the next one. It was fun. This is the collection that I bought in a weak moment as documented at the end of this journal entry.

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Back in Raleigh, after showering, Joe and I met at Lily's to have pizza. When we got there, the line was out the door, there seemed to be no air-conditioning in the place, and I said to Joe, "It's going to take at least an hour if we eat here. I'm not really up for that."

We decided on Hibernian for their Fish & Chips. We had their Spinach & Artichoke Dip for an appetizer, and it, too, was out of this world. Yum. Yum. Yum.

We stopped at Helios, and Joe had a quick Cup O' Joe. I had a Lindt Chocolate Ball, settling for a milk chocolate one, as they didn't have the white chocolate ones.

Flex was just okay tonight. I wasn't into it very much. We never got a pool table, which didn't help things. The highlight of the evening was watching Happy Skyscraper trying to set up the ironing board that is used as a table to hold the CDs and such, and just breaking the hell out of it. She ended up jamming the legs up, and throwing it in the corner. I thought, "Uh-oh, there will be hell to pay when Tula Box arrives." Drag drama!

I ended up leaving at about 10:30, and actually got to bed by 11:30. Yay, me.