June 3rd, 2005

Appointment With Death...

I worked from home today, editing books. I had a conference call with Randy in RTP and two ISO guys in Toronto. We had a communications mess with the WIM team to straighten out. I left with the TO-DOs. I hate when that happens.

From the original, "Liquor!?! I hardly know 'er!" the list is growing:

"Elevator!?! I can hardly lift 'er!"
"Whacker!?! I'm not even mad at 'er!" (From Whacker St. in Chicago on which the Sears Tower resides.)
"Iowa!?! I didn't even borrow from 'er!"
"Idaho!?! Well, you da pimp!"

I ran to the grocery store after work, and before Robert arrived. Got the usual suspects: bread, milk, and veggies for salad -- a cucumber, mushrooms, celery, a red pepper, raisins, and pineapple tidbits. I still had some onion and carrots left.

Robert arrived between 6:30 and 6:45, and while we waited for Eric, I chopped up mushrooms, the cucumber, and the red pepper. I also food processed some carrots, and the cheese. Eric arrived at about 7:25.

We went to see NC State's TheaterFest presentation of "Appointment With Death", a play based on the book by the same name by Agatha Christie, in which my friend, Gregor (wild_sun), played Colonel Carbury.

I really enjoyed this play. Almost all of the characters were, well, real characters! I particularly loved the parts of Muhammad/Abraham/Isis (you had to be there), and Lady Westholme, and more specifically, their interaction.

Right before the play started, this woman took a seat in front of us who, before leaving home, simply must have splashed on an entire pint of -- what smelled like -- Sweet Honesty perfume.
I'm getting verklempt. Tawk amongst ya-selves. I'll give you a topic, Sweet Honesty. It was neither sweet nor honesty! Discuss.

Definitely one of those cases where you wanted to say, "Nice perfume. Must you marinate in it?" It was so bad that Robert was fanning in her direction with the playbill, and at the first intermission, we got up and moved. It was that bad.

Toward the end of the play, I began to wonder if my friend Gregor really was in the play. He was listed in the cast, and as appearing last, and, well, he did. With about 5/6THS of the play over, he appeared as the Colonel, which in this context was basically the policeman/detective/constable who was to investigate the murder. He played his part well, looked like he's lost a little weight since I saw him last, and clearly projected. :-)

Leaving the play, out of the Coliseum Parking Deck, I ran over an island in the garage, hitting it very hard. After bouncing back down off the island, and banging the left underside of my car pretty hard, we heard and felt the front left tire riding (or should I say writhing) on its rim. Damnit.

Between the three of us, however, we had the spare out, the damaged tire off, and the new one on, probably in less then 10 minutes. And we did it all without the help of a Lesbian. Yeah, us!

As we were rolling the spare from the trunk to the front of the car, a car passed us, then backed up, and out of the passenger-side window a couple said, "It looks like you guys have everything under control. Do you need anything?" That was nice. And, we think it might even have been the marinade lady and her husband.

At home, Robert and I worked on the 05/05/05 (cool!) Independent's Crossword Puzzle. It was hard. And so was the puzzle.