May 26th, 2005

The usual suspects at lunch...

I had a busy day at work today finishing up the iSeries Password Sync guide, and doing final consistency edits to the Red Hat Linux Adapter book and the AIX Password Sync book.

We had our EAGLE luncheon at Rudinos today. In attendance: Jay, Jon, Paul, Eric, Stephanie, and me. This was Eric and Stephanie's first luncheon, and my first time meeting Stephanie. I really liked her. I hate that she was the only woman to attend, but that is par for the course, and she probably won't come to the next one. Can't blame her.

Once again, Rudinos did not disappoint for beautiful men, both working there and the customers. This one guy that sat behind Eric, and directly in my line of view, was so fucking gorgeous. Everyone but Stephanie stopped chewing when he walked by.

I called the university today to see what time I could come down to take care of this ridiculous "withdrawal from school" that I have to do. "We take walk-ins until 4PM," she said.

I intended to leave work by about 3:15 to take care of that, but got too into my work, and decided that I'd take care of it tomorrow morning, as I'll be working from home, which puts me a mile or two away from campus.

I hope this isn't going to be a lot of conflama, and that I'm going to get refunded a high portion of the tuition I paid for this stupid course. GRRRRR!

I don't know how funny this is to non-line dancers, but to me, it's hysterical: