May 22nd, 2005

Schenck Forest forray...

We had sausage "biscuits" for breakfast this morning. Biscuits is in quotes because they weren't biscuits, exactly, but those yummy little Hawaiian bread rolls.

We took a hike in Schenck Forest today. I heard about it in this News & Observer story. Evidently the banning of dogs from this park is controversial: Dogs Gone, Running Wild, Open New Dog Parks and Let Rover Roam, and No Whining About Closing Forest to Dogs.

We did run into a few dog owners out there, and for sure, the majority of their dogs were not on leashes, including rounding a corner to be startled by this huge dog -- I think it was a big, black Newfoundland, which I first thought was a black bear -- that came up out of the creek bed. Scared me.

Overall, dog drama aside, I didn't care for the forest too much. The trails are not at all well-marked, and we saw only one mile-marker sign. It said, "1 1/4" on it. We had no idea from where to where. Besides, there were a lot of bugs out there. Guess that's why it's called a forest, and not a park. I'll take Lake Johnson.

We wanted to get wings after our hike, but found the wing place in the Avent Ferry Shopping Center closed. We settled on Quizno's.

Robert and I picked up Vivian at the airport just after 5:00. Her flight from Mexico City to Houston left 8 minutes early, and her flight from Houston to RDU left 5 minutes early -- and she arrived here 19 minutes early. Phenomenal.

We listened to her funny stories, including those about her fabulous Wal-Mart shoes that she bought with me right before leaving, her English lessons with her host family, the somewhat anticlimactic tampon story, and the gay bar close to which she ate dinner one night.

We went to Snoopy's for dinner, and we sent her off -- back to Greenville -- shortly after that. Robert pretty much followed her out.

I met Joe at Helios just after 7, and we had a nice chat outside, but a little too close to a "smoking section." The guy sitting at the table next to us was pushing some serious box, which both Joe and I had a hard time (no pun intended) ignoring.

Kevin met us at Flex, and after a drink or two, we played pool. The first game was me and Bill against Joe and the prison/patient/police/etc-themed shirt guy -- oh yeah, his name is Andy. He is too intense, and made too much of the game. He has his own cue stick, and a little chalk holder gadget that attaches to his belt. A little over the top for those of us who just play shit pool for the social aspect of it all.

After that game, we gave the table to them, and they (Bill & Andy) played each other. Eventually they left the table, and Joe, me, and Kevin played several games of cut throat, which was fun. Joe and Phil were there, gorgeous as ever. Brian arrived after a while.

Eventually, karaoke started, and it was, well, karaoke. At close to midnight, I guess, Kevin, Joe, and this guy Joe had met named Rich, went over to Legends. I went home.