May 18th, 2005

Dead dancing and banged up and mash...

I met with Bill at 9AM my time, 6AM his time, as he's in Irvine, California. We went over the AS/400 Plug-in book layout to see if stuff we've been applying to adapters also applies to plug-ins. Plug this.

I met Richard at Piper's for lunch. One of their specials today was a Bacon Swiss Burger, which we both got, and which was out of this world. It came with a bag of chips, which I didn't eat, but brought back to the office for another day. And I actually got through the day without eating them. Such willpower after a bacon swiss burger. Rolls eyes at own self.

Those bastards, Eric and Kevin, weren't logged on all morning. My ass is in to work for a 9AM meeting, and where are theirs? You can bet Joe's ass was in bed, too, as he was off today. And they're all younger than I am. Bastards. But I'm not bitter.

Today, I incorporated feedback from Jaydeep into the AIX Password Sync Plug-in book, and read through the files that Bill sent me for the AS/400 one. Not to overuse the "plug" word, but we (me, Rhonda, and Qiana) need to plug away at these books. We have tons more to do and mid-June is lurking.

Gee, once again, no time to "Get better, get products to market faster, improve processes at the individual level, and improve product quality." But I digress with bitterness.

I took a nap from 6:30 - 8:30. Glorious.

Dancing was just okay tonight. We had more food than people in the bar, I think. The place was dead, but I danced a lot, so got a lot of exercise in. I missed Robert on two couples dances, and did them with Alan.

The most interesting thing of the evening was watching that older guy, who I believe works in a grocery store, with a big, decorated chocolate chip cookie he brought that said "Congratulations" (to no one in particular) on it. I can never remember his name. Robert knows him.

So, anyhow, he presumably gets stuff free, from the bakery of the grocery store, that has reached its expiration date, and feels the need to bring it to Flex. I'm guessing this was an unsold graduation cookie from this past weekend.

Everyone is always leery about what he brings, and oftentimes, he's the only one that eats any of it. Bless his heart. More often than not, it is some cake that has fallen on one side, or has a huge gash in it -- something like that. So, I guess he gets damaged goods as well as expired ones.

Since this cookie has no apparent damage, the assumption is, then, that it's old. This was corroborated after it sat there for at least a half hour without being touched, and he dug into it. Okay, there's no knife to cut it with. So, he tries to break off a piece.

It is stuck hard to whatever container it is in or on, and totally crumbles. I'm not talking about the cookie "chunking" as he tries to break it. I'm talking about deteriorating into sand-grain-sized crumbs. Dry.

He grabs all the crumbs in his hands, mashes them hard together, and shoves them in his mouth.

Needless to say this is another one of those bad traffic accident situations that people are trying not to watch, but at which are not being at all successful. As if once wasn't bad enough, he did the same thing two more times during the night, and each time the same thing happened. Total crumb mess. Grab and mash. Mouth shove.

Gee, I wonder why no one else cared for any.