April 30th, 2005

Record? Broken?

I worked on my website all day today. I also devised nine tasks for my hi-fi usability test, which I'll do on one sucker participant tomorrow.

Joe checked in after landing safely back in the country. We agreed to meet at NY Pizza at 11PM, as he was starving, and the scenery is always so good there.

I called dad for his birthday at around 8PM. Mom was at bingo and he was watching a game. "I don't want any more birthdays," he said. He's 74 this year.

He got two slices of pizza, one Italian Seasoning, and the other either Pepperoni and Sausage or meat lovers -- something like that. I had two bites of the Italian Seasoning one, which ended up having tons of garlic on it. It was good, but I would rather have not had garlic chunks right before going out to the bar. He caught me up on his week on Cayman Brac.

We got to CCs close to twelve, I guess, and hooked up with Phil. It was pretty much uneventful there.